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UNIVERSAL PEACE AND VIOLENCE AMELIORATION CENTRE (UPVAC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), peacekeeping, security, humanitarian, activism, charitable, politically neutral, religiously neutral, social development, advocacy, and skills sharing organization with headquarters in Nigeria (Africa), duly registered on the 26th day of November, 2015. It is a member of some renowned International Organizations, and has a Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2019.

The organization is established to enable all interested humanitarian workers to offer their skills in service “For All Humanity towards Universal Peace and Security ”, and to enable all interested humanitarian professionals to offer their skills as humanitarians, in areas of rescue workers, first responders, first-aiders, and volunteers in different capacities, to offer their skills in those disaster stricken regions or upheavals, to intervene and provide programs in disaster awareness, preparation & prevention, survival skills, first-aid, emergency planning in disaster vulnerable or upheaval regions, our volunteers can further assist in counter terrorism measures, thus we promote our organizations projects and programs with various slogans. UPVAC consists of volunteers from various professional fields such as businessmen, doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers, retired and active peace officers of the law, soldiers and veterans and other professionals or active/non-active students who stand for peace, justice, liberty and democracy globally.

We believe in a Sustainable World

Our Mission

Seeking to bring relevant stake holders and the communities it serves together in a collaborative partnership and to mobilize humanitarian workers, build capacities to act and learn together, enable them to offer their skills in those affected regions and build community support systems for the delivery of a lasting peace for a sustainable

This organization seeks to actively promote peace and demonstrate a high sense of social and economic responsibility, while engaging in peace and violence amelioration activities globally, and enhancing public safety in collaboration with various local, national and international Governmental agencies, national and international security agencies, and other international organizations and NGO’s.

UPVAC Bangladesh
Our Mission

Our Vision

UPVAC envisions a community where every person is able to fully participate in and contribute to the sustainable development of a peaceful and equitable society in a self-sufficient and

sustaining community.




Meet our Formidable Team of Humanitarians

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